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Lights will guide you home.

&& ignite your bones. I will try to fix you.

15 August 1987
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this is me, take it or leave it.

Things for me change like the tides of the ocean. I can't hold still or make up my mind. I write to relieve stress or sadness. I try live life day to day because life doesn't make plans, it just happens. I want to swim in the lake of hope where I can watch my dreams sparkle and come alive. Things aren't always good for me and I'm not very good at taking the best out of the situation either but I'm trying and learning. There is good in this world and I am slowly peeling away at the ugly surface to find a more meaningful and true realization; life is good, even when it's bad. Without the bad we would never be able to fathom the good. So take it all because it makes you who you are and remember: things always get better, eventually.

Obviously since there is so much drama, I need to state that what I write in here is just my opinion. Names have been changed(abbreviated) to protect the people involved.


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